The complexity and the scope of activities developed  in recent years by SISMOS, has required the redefinition of an Office for External Relations, not just dedicated to the areas of the historic mission of SISMOS (contacts with conservative observers and entities of seismograms) but also to the  national and international bodies with which SISMOS dialogues in  sectors such as the exhibition of scientific and cultural heritage events from long since.

The Functional Unit saw fit to create an office dedicated to finding possible sources of national or international funding, coherent with the SISMOS activities as well as to strengthen the link with the policies and initiatives at European level, in particular with the opportunities offered by the new Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

The office is committed to deal with the management of European projects and act as public relations with foreign researchers and partners helping to maintain a close cooperative relationship.

Special attention is also given to the activation of relations and development of cooperation agreements with agencies, universities, and seismic observatories; in 2014 were renewed agreements with the  Ximenian Observatory Foundation  in Florence and the CRA-CMA (now CREA-CMA) for retrieval, reproduction and scientific and cultural development of the documentary and instrumental heritage of the two entities.

With the intensification of exhibition and publishing events, more and more frequently are relations with Superintendence and Ministries and the drafting of conference presentations, posters, museum panels.

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