The new SISMOS organisation aims to enhance, integrate and consolidate the experiences performed in the past 20 years within the TROMOS and SISMOS projects.

The systematic approach to research, recovery, restoration, cataloguing, reproduction, dissemination and study of the instrumental and documentary historical assets of Italian and Euro-Mediterranean seismology makes available a huge quantity of data and experiences usable by numerous and diverse disciplinary fields. 

Demands for greater efficiency and specialisation, before the multiplicity of users that SISMOS can satisfy, have suggested an articulation into 11 activity sectors:

  Research and recovery of the historical recordings and additional documentation in Italy and abroad (person in charge: Graziano Ferrari)
Among the objectives of this sector is that of identifying, both in Italy and abroad, the historical seismic observatories and their activity in time, the types and characteristics of the seismic instruments that have worked there and the current sites where the recordings and the complementary documentation is held. The consequent phase is the recovery of this historical heritage by means of the loans to allow for its subsequent census and scanning. The activity consists in historical seismology research, contacts with the bodies, the observatories etc, study and inventory of the archives identified, the development of collaboration and loan agreements concerning the historical heritage.


Research, cataloguing and reproduction of the additional documentation
(person in charge: Monia Maresci)
gif-documentazione  SISMOS pays particular attention to research, recovery and reproduction of the complementary documentation, such as handwritten seismic bulletins and print versions, station notebooks, scientific correspondence, scientific periodicals, etc.. The materials indentified at national and international sites are catalogued and digitally reproduced. The scans and data extracted in alphanumerical format are made available by means of the  SISMOS database.  


Cataloging, restoration and archiving of the seismograms 
(person in charge: Donatella Famà)
  procedura-etichettatura-2 The analytical census of the existing seismograms in Italian seismological archives, the selection and more accurate cataloguing of seismograms of specific interest for the seismological community as well as their preparation for their subsequent high-resolution scanning, are the main aims of this sector. The final phase is the archiving of this materials in the best conservation conditions. A laboratory for the restoration of the historical papers is also in this sector.  


High-resolution digital scanning (person in charge: Alessio Mautone)
In the scanning laboratory the series of activities addressed to the recovery and safeguarding of the historical seismograms is completed. By means of sophisticated high-resolution scanners and isotropy the digital images (raster) of the previously recovered, catalogued and possibly restored historical recordings are produced, coming from the INGV archives or from Italian and foreign bodies that collaborate with SISMOS.


Vectorialisation (person in charge: Graziano Ferrari)

In the process of recovery and scientific and cultural valorisation of the historical seismograms, vectorialisation is the first step towards the scientific use of such data. The seismographic traces, reproduced in the raster images made in the scanning laboratory, are  "pursued" with the use of dedicated software (Teseo2) honed within SISMOS itself. The result is the numeric format transposition of the seismogram tracings, ready for seismological analysis by a group of SISMOS researchers of Italian and foreign partners.


  Research and seismological processing


SISMOS also has its own core of researchers who support their own research with the application of traditional and advanced techniques of seismological research to the historical seismographic data.




  Office for External Relations (person in charge: Monia Maresci)

The complexity and the scope of activities developed in recent years by SISMOS, has required the redefinition of an Office for External Relations, not just dedicated to the areas of the historic mission of SISMOS (contacts with conservative observers and entities of seismograms) but also to the national and international bodies with which SISMOS dialogues in sectors such as the exhibition of scientific and cultural heritage events from long since.

  Laboratory for the restoration of historic maps (person in charge: Alexia Battelli)
Many factors contribute to the damaging, at times very seriously, the paper media of the seismograms and the complementary documentation. For this reason we have set up a dedicated laboratory at SISMOS for the treatment and consolidation of the historic papers. This has the dual aim of making possible an easier and more effective digital reproduction and a better future conservation of the documents.


  Laboratory for the restoration of historic instruments (person in charge: Giulio Lozzi)  
We have recently started the first census of the historical scientific instruments owned by INGV, promoted by SISMOS, for the inventory, the stock evaluation and the complete servicing and/or restoration of the instruments themselves. A conservative and integrative restoration laboratory, specifically set up within SISMOS, is active for bringing the instruments back to conditions of functional efficiency.


  Media library (person in charge: Elisabetta Lencioni)  

Among the various activities of SISMOS there are also seminars, dissemination and training meetings, addressed to analysis and study of the further aspects connected to the activities of the project itself.
The documentation of these meetings is available in different multimedia formats, generally accessible in dedicated access points at SISMOS.



  Virtual museum of historical instruments of INGV (person in charge: Graziano Ferrari)  
  icona-museo-virtuale The large collection of historical scientific instruments linked to the history of INGV is the subject of identification, filing, photographic cataloguing, drafted according to the national ICCD standards. A virtual museum for these instruments allows us to share these assets with the specialist user as well as the amateur public.  


  IT systems  (person in charge: Graziano Ferrari)
icona-servizio-informatico  The new SISMOS information system is addressed to the collection and management of the historical information related to the INGV’s scientific themes, with special regard to seismology. Ranging from the instrumental and non-instrumental data to the sources and studies of disciplinary history this particular sector of the earth sciences.  
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