The activities of SISMOS are developed both on the national and the international front. In particular, besides the ordinary activity of searching, recovering and valorising its own historical documentary and instrumental materials (see ORGANISATION) SISMOS is the partner or promoter of the following recent activities:

Project S1 – Determination of the seismogenetic potential in Italy for the calculation of the seismic hazard.

In the S1 project of the Dipartimento di Protezione Civile, SISMOS has a project unit for the calculation, starting from the historical recordings recovered and reproduced by  SISMOS, of the main parameters (magnitude, localisation, fault length) of the main events of the Adriatic coast, the Arco Calabro Peloritano and some events in Lazio.


With a view to valorising the fundaments of the Italian seismological tradition, SISMOS set up the project called "Virtual Network of Historical Instrumental Observation of Earthquakes in Italy." In this regard, SISMOS has a series of agreements of collaboration protocols ongoing with the historical Italian seismological observatories.  Here we present the current development programme of this activity, which is however open to new developments and to assessing collaboration proposals.

Ongoing agreements

CRA - CMA  - Roma (formerly Ufficio Centrale di Ecologia Agraria)
This is the body inheriting the post-Unification Italian seismological and meteorological tradition (1876-1936), which preserves a large documentary, bibliography and instrumental heritage. In 1936 the geophysical competences of the then Ufficio Centrale di Meteorologia  Geofisica (UCMG) were transferred to the newly founded Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica (INGV since 1999). The collaboration with SISMOS would allow for the digital reproduction and dissemination of a part of this documentary wealth and the restoration and valorisation of the historical instrumental wealth. This operation will allow for the creation of a virtual community between the seismological tradition of the UCMG and INGV.
  Casamicciola [Isola d'Ischia NA)] - Geodynamic Observatory 

In the process of being started
  FlorenceOsservatorio Ximeniano
  Prato - Osservatorio Sismologico San Domenico - Fondazione Prato Ricerche
►  Salò (BS) - Osservatorio meteo-sismico "Pio Bettoni"
In the planning stage
Faenza (RA) - Casa Museo "Raffaele Bendandi"
► Foggia  - Osservatorio Meteo-Sismico "V.Nigri"
► Mineo (CT) - Museo "Corrado Guzzanti"
► Piacenza - Osservatorio Geofisico "Alberoni"
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