The activities of SISMOS are developed both on the national and the international front. In particular, besides the ordinary activity of searching, recovering and valorising its own historical documentary and instrumental materials (see ORGANISATION) SISMOS is the partner or promoter of the following recent activities:


SISMOS is fully involved in the EuroSeismos project for all the high resolution scanning operations. Within the scope of this project, from 2003 to 2007 SISMOS scanned over  30,000 historical recordings registered by the observatories of 29 Euro-Mediterranean countries. The list of countries that are party to the project can be found in the EuroSeismos site. 


SISMOS is one of the Transnational Access facilities of the European Commission (EC FP7) NERIES (Network of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology ) project.

GEM - Global Earthquake Model

In partnership with numerous world institutes, in July 2009 SISMOS took part in a call of the GEM Project for the construction of a Global Instrumental Seismic Catalogue. The outcome of the call has not yet been announced.

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